Period, Country or National

​​Period: ​1920s (Flapper), 1960-70s (Retro), 1980, Military Officer (Heneral Luna, Vintage Admiral), Achilles, Calypso or Gypsy, Cleopatra, Cowboy, Cowgirl, Greatest Showman, Hermes, Julius Ceasar, King Louis, Medieval (Game of Thrones), Roman Soldier and Greek Goddess, Renaissance, Samurai, 
​Tibetan/Mongolian Warrior, Tudor, ​Victorian, Viking (F)

​​Country or National: ​Brazil, British Royal Guard, Bollywood (India Girl), Canadian Mountie, China (M/F), Colombia, US (Cowboy, Cowgirl, Indian), Colombia, ​Philippines (Ati-Atihan, Filipiniana), 
France (King Louis, Renaissance), Ifugao, ​Egypt (Cleopatra), ​India, Italy (Achilles, Greek Goddess, ​Hermes, ​Pope, Roman Soldier, Julius Ceasar), ​​Germany, 
​Korean Hanbok, Mexico, Muslim, Pakistan, ​Japan (Ninja or Samurai), Persia or Iran, Russia (M/F), Spain (M/F), 
​Sweden, Tibetan or Mongolia, ​Thailand (M/F), Vietnam (Ao Dai)