Religious, Fun and Others​

​Circus: Clown, ​Calypso or Gypsy, Circus Ringmaster/Lion Tamer,  Safari, Animals (see animal category)
​​​Fun:  Firecracker, Sumo Wrestler, Playboy Bunny, Prisoner 
​Hollywood / Famous People: ​Elvis, Katy Perry "Roar", MJ Fox "Back to the Future", ​Michael Jackson, Piko Taro "Apple Pen", Pope, Freddie Mercury Queen, Prince 
​Religious: Angel, Easter Bunny, Joseph, Mary, Monk, Elf, Gingerbread, Moses, Nun, Pope, Shepherd, Santa Claus
​Scary: Black Ghost, Evil Jester, Santa Lady
Others: Caveman, ​the Graduate, Joseph the Dreamer1, Joseph the Dreamer 2, Knight vest (white), San Miguel, Tarzan and Jane, Viking.